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3D-Graphs Series was created to bring homes those iconic and unforgettable places in the world. Made it on Foam Board from recyclable materials, the artist seeks to give it an organic purpose in the construction process of his pieces of Art since the waste of the raw material is eco-friendly. Produced by Encore Products.

There are the top three reason why I use Foam Board to make my Art pieces:

Because REDUCE:

  • The foaming agent that we use is 100% ozone-friendly and our process is formaldehyde-free.
  • The Statesville, NC, plant has been recognized for its commitment to reducing energy consumption through low-energy, programmable lighting efforts, installation of programmable thermostats and adoption of intermodal transportation
  • Additionally, the Statesville plant has reduced its number of annual non-recyclable solid waste loads by 10% or more on average.

Because is RE-USE:

  • Foam board byproducts are reused as a fuel source to recover heat value, reducing the amount of electricity used.
  • The Statesville facility reuses wooden and plastic pallets and recycles damaged ones that are no longer able to be used.
  • We continue to donate damaged electronics to local community colleges for repair and reuse versus simple disposal.

And because is RECYCLE:

  • Our Foam Board products contain recycled content, both internally and externally generated.
  • The Statesville facility implemented a massive recycling program to recycle as many materials associated with the production process as possible including scrap foam, corrugate, paper, blister cards, scrap shrink and stretch wrap, batteries and PET bands.
  • Over the past 7 years the total tons of foam board going to landfills per year has decreased by over 30%. The recycling program kept over 615,000 lbs. of  material out of landfills!