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“My artwork begins at the moment when I try to create movement in my photography. It is during this pursuit when I start the intervention of the image in a three-dimensional way. Using repetition, contrast, space and time, I can express the motion through the unique perception of the viewer. The experience is the way to appreciate this movement. It is the particular moment when everything happens. When the photography and the 3D structure are combined in one practice, the overlapping is the key to take the eye’s attention, creating a visual game with colors, lines, and space. It is this moment when I start my challenge to assemble the image to make the viewer move around the piece not realizing that the picture is unraveling; it never starts or ends, it’s simply happening in front of your eyes. Through my artwork, I try to make people aware that the present is what matters the most. I have been able to photograph around the world, and I am proud to be able to share a specific moment in time through a masterpiece. The moment is happening right in front of you and becoming the past immediately as a memory or maybe as the photo.”

"Antelope Canyon" Utah